Damir Pecenkovic

Editor In Chief

Damir Pecenkovic is a passionate car enthusiast, photographer, race car driver, graphic designer, computer nerd, video editor and basketball player all rolled up in to one. Damir owns and operates DecalCutter.com, a custom decal and graphics shop, was the founder and Editor in Chief of Performance Tuner Magazine and previously held the title of Performance Editor at PASMAG (Performance Auto and Sound Magazine). With those experiences in hand Damir loves to cover, discuss, write about and photograph anything to do with cars, cameras or computers. Damir currently drives the #19 Mazda MX-5 Miata for Circuit94 Racing.

Hamza Pecenkovic


Hamza Pecenkovic is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, an avid car and track enthusiast, and comics creator. His automotive design clients include KDM Tuners and K Series Parts, and he has a number of writer’s credits with Performance Tuner Magazine while fulfilling the role of an Editorial Writer. Hamza is currently finishing one of the most unique Veloster Turbo track builds on the planet. He spends his time working on his graphic novel series “The Crystal Compass”; which spans across three gigantic volumes, he plans to release volume one next year. He enjoys telling stories with his work, video games, films and reading.

Max Zuchowski

Technical Editor

Darren “Max” Zuchowski has earned his nickname of “Max” for going to the “MAX” when it comes to his hobbies which include cars and computers.  Case in point, Max is now on his third Honda Integra and has a fully built computer server in his home office. Max has many years of experience in the computer technology, networking and car audio worlds and served as a Technical Staff Writer for Performance Tuner Magazine for its entire existence.  Max currently drivers the #14 Honda Integra GSR for Circuit94 Racing that he is currently putting through a complete rebuild to bring it up to modern race ready specs.

Matt Overstreet

Performance Editor

Matt Overstreet has spent the last 12 years working as an automotive technician, specializing in diagnostics and electrical. After many years in the repair field he has switched his focus to combine the world of cars with his other lifelong hobby of writing, bringing a unique take and expertise to the automotive journalism landscape. Growing up in Michigan Matt had a front row seat into the automotive world. While hot rodding and drag racing were the prevailing styles in the Midwest, thanks to a perfect storm of Fast and Furious, Initial D, and Gran Turismo Matts obsession quickly turned to Japanese cars, though he still has a soft spot for Domestic cars. You can catch him during the race season at Pikes Peak International Raceways honing his driving skills in their Time Attack Series.

Kirk Myhre


Kirk Myhre grew up immersed in car culture.  In his youth, he spent innumerous hours in friends’ garages and race shops learning how race cars went together and what made speed.  Occasionally, he even got to get behind the wheel to try his hand at the open-wheeled race cars. After 20+ years in corporate technology art/design working on some of the largest brands in the world, he was reintroduced to racing through a local endurance racing team.  Since then, he’s raced for six different teams up and down the west coast accumulating two overall series championships. Kirk is the photographer of record for Turn2 Lapping, Hooked on Driving NW, Audi Club NW and Global Time Attack NW, produces custom racing helmets, designs race team apparel and builds custom cars in his spare time.

Ron Celestine


Ron Celestine is an automotive journalist and photographer living in the heart of Japan. He has been in the automotive industry as a photographer, writer, and videographer for magazines, OEM manufacturers and enthusiasts websites alike over the past six years. More known for his work as a staff member of media website Speedhunters.com, his time served as Head Photographer for Performance Tuner Magazine and head of Tokyo Tuner, his aim is to share stories throughout Japan and Southeast Asia that inspire others in hopes to bring the automotive community closer together. In his spare time, he’s loves (love might be a bit strong) working on his Nissan Skyline ER34 (aka #ProjectRough) and playing with composites.