Damir, Hamza and Max discuss The Main Topic on Air to Fuel Ratio, Circuit94’s official podcast.  The Main Topic changes from episode to episode and can be anything related to cars, car culture, racing or just being a car enthusiast in general.

Topics have ranged from the team’s favorite and least favorite cars, each team members introductions and automotive history, first experiences with racing, modifying theories and many more.

Join the team as they discuss many different topics and give their opinions from their varying perspectives, tastes and experiences.  

Drop the show a line, maybe you can decide the next Main Topic!

The Time Machine is one wild adventure!  Damir, Hamza and Max of Circuit94 take you on a journey back in the automotive past, or maybe even forward in to the automotive future.  

Simply put the fellas select a year and each then brings up a topic from that year in the automotive world.  The topics can be based around a model year, a magazine issue, and event, or even a year in one of the team members life.  Regardless of the topic it is sure to be a good time!

Be sure to join the Circuit94 team on a ride through the automotive time line, who knows, maybe the year’s subject is the same memory that you have of that year.  Be sure to drop the team a line, and who knows maybe you can pick the next year that the time machine stops in!

The News, the most serious segment of the bunch, or is it?  Automotive News is the segment in which the team takes turns bringing up current news from the automotive world that caught their attention and share it with each other, this is followed up by each team members reaction to the subject at hand.

Automotive News can be based around upcoming and rumored automotive releases, automotive headlines, auto shows, recalls and really any other news subject related to the automotive world.

Join Damir, Hamza, and Max and see their thoughts on what’s happening right now in the automotive world.  Be sure to drop the show a line with news that you want to see the team discuss.