Griot’s Garage Part 11: Ceramic 3 In 1 Wax


For those of you who have been following along since the beginning, you know that it took some work to get to this point but after all of the work it was totally worth it as all of the water spots and other imperfections are gone and my ND Miata looks great! Now that all of the correction and cleaning are complete I want to protect my hard work by adding a wax to the car. Wax is obviously used to protect the paint, to repel water and obviously to really help the paint on a car pop. There are many different waxes out there and I won’t super bore you with all of the details but in a nutshell there are natural waxes that are based off of Carnauba, Synthetic Polymer waxes, a mix of the two and finally a Ceramic based wax. So you are probably like me and familiar with everything up to the mention of Ceramic.

To help us all understand, Griot’s Garage answers that exact question on their site, What the heck is Ceramic anyways?

The term “ceramic” and its use in the automotive surface care realm has emerged over the past decade or so. It is not a marketing term, ceramics are rooted in solid, advanced chemistry. The active ingredient SiO2 (or silicon dioxide) which is a derivative of silica delivered in liquid form in most automobile-related applications. There are many approaches to the carrier chemistry which apply this technology. Professional ceramics often rely on solvent- and resin-based formulas which can be temperamental and hazardous to apply. Our Ceramic 3-in-1 formula features a proprietary water-based blend of special ultra-hydrophobic polymers, nanoparticles of SiO2, and carnauba wax. Ceramics are touted for their extreme durability, hydrophobic or water beading effect, UV protection, and their ability to produce a high-gloss finish. They also have “self-cleaning” properties, which is defined by the resistance to soil, grime, oil, alkaline, and acids. So, a ceramic-treated surface sheds these contaminants, or self-cleans, when exposed to rain… keeping your vehicle cleaner longer.

Water beading on the hood of the car that quickly turned in to a dry hood.

While that does help clear up what is what, all that you need to know is that this stuff is amazing. I took one of my trusty and favorite Griot’s Garage PFM Detailing Towels (the ones that are sized just right) and a bottle of the Ceramic 3 In 1 and got to work. The process is super simple, you spray the wax on and then you buff if off. That’s it! After doing that for my entire car my paint looked exceptional, I mean it was super shiny and the Ceramic Paint (the irony of my ND Miata’s paint color being called Ceramic Metallic here is too funny) really popped and showed the gray color range that it only does when it is super clean. Now the benefits of the looks are one thing and something that I by no means take for granted, but the truly remarkable part about the Ceramic 3 In 1 wax is its ability to repel water. A day or two after waxing the car I went out for a short drive and got caught by an unexpected rain shower (I live in the PNW so this happens quite often) and watching the water bead up and just slide off of my hood in front of me was truly amazing and borderline dangerous as I kept just watching it. The wax made my paint so hydrophobic that by the time I stopped driving the majority of the water that was on my car was gone, leaving with not much to dry once I rolled in to my garage.

All of the paint looks reflective after the use of the Ceramic 3in1 Wax (now to just clean the black metals)

This is another amazing product from Griot’s Garage and I have to say that so far they have been on a roll! I am so far beyond impressed with all of their offerings and really haven’t used one of their products yet that I wouldn’t recommend and wouldn’t continue using long after this full test is completed. The biggest thing for me is how high end the Ceramic 3 In 1 performs and makes your paint look that just hearing about the product and what it does makes me feel like it should be super difficult and time consuming to use and that it would take a ton of skill and training to get right but that couldn’t be further from the truth, the entire process is super simple and really not that time consuming. So, if you are already using a wax of any kind, or if you are new to the entire thing, I would highly recommend that you give the Griot’s Garage Ceramic 3 In 1 a shot as I have a strong feeling that if will be your new favorite wax as it is mine.

The Ceramic 3in1 really exaggerates the Mazda Ceramic Metallic Paint

Join me next time as I tackle the aftermath of a track day with Track Spray from Griot’s Garage.

Simply amazing reflection and shine
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