Introducing: “A couple laps with Circuit94”


We all love the speed, beauty and thrills of racing.  Watching it on TV is fun.  Attending a race in person immerses you in the smells, sounds and atmosphere of the event.  Getting to actually do the driving…that’s the ultimate.  Unfortunately, for many of us, racing in most any series or under a sanctioning body is prohibitively expensive.  

If you’re not able to get on track, the Circuit 94 team wants to make sure you can share in the fun.  Whether we’re competing in low-budget endurance races, doing performance product testing or out trying to improve our skills at a lapping day, we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop.  “A couple laps…” is not intended to be a set of “How-to” videos.  It will be a quick recap of an event that includes some highs and lows, what we learned and hopefully some fun in-car video that inspires you to get behind the wheel and get out on track.

As the racing season is still shut down for most of us across the country, this week we’ll take a look back at a Lucky Dog Racing League event from Portland International Raceway in 2017.  Kirk Myhre is behind the wheel of the Son of Andre Racing 1989 Ford Mustang running a 347ci V8 on 200 treadwear Bridgestone RE71s on a 80 degree day in the middle of the summer.  With as slick as the track was combined with the 200TW tires and horsepower, even slightly aggressive inputs would result in the car trying to end its driver.  To deal with this, Kirk’s word of the day was “smooooooth”.


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