Griot’s Garage Part 10: Towels


There are literally a million different towels out there that you can use for your car, I mean even Griot’s Garage offers a ton of different ones. So rather than reviewing all of them I will tell you what I decided to go with and how each worked out for me and what I use each one of them for. I am sure that there are other Griot’s Garage towels worth checking out and I am sure other people will have other uses and needs compared to me but I think this is a good starting point and a good setup for your average person. Here is a list of all of the towels that I will be reviewing individually:

  • PFM Dual Weave Glass Towel
  • Microfiber Wipe Down Towel
  • PFM Detailing Towel
  • PFM Dual Weave Wax Removal Towel
  • PFM Terry Weave Drying Towel
  • PFM Terry Weave Towel
  • Microfiber Plush Edgeless Towel
  • 35oz Microfiber Cleaner

PFM Dual Weave Glass Towel:

Over the years I have used a ton of different towels on my windows and windshield, this includes both cloth and paper and the results have always been a bit underwhelming. I’ll start with paper, and why I don’t use it anymore. The reality is that it takes a ton of paper to do it right as the paper gets wet fast and isn’t as absorbent as cloth in most cases, this is a problem because of cost and because of waste. Because the paper towel option isn’t reusable and environmentally friendly I decided to move away from it and switched over to microfiber towels. I was all excited and ready to go until two things happened, the first, some towels were still too thin and would not dry the glass quickly and without streaks. Second, many of the towels would leave behind lint which would just create more work for me which would negate any benefits that they initially had over paper.

So how is the PFM Dual Weave Glass Towel from Griot’s Garage different? Well lets start with the name, PFM stands for Pure Freakin Magic, and yeah that’s exactly what they are! They are magic because the approach is totally different. First and foremost the towel is dual sided, one side is a thick terry style weave at 560 GSM which is perfect for absorbing the window cleaner is a single pass and to lift away dirt and debris. The flip side is a super smooth tight weave at 310 GSM that will allow you to make a final pass that will be completely streak and lint free. The second feature is the size and the edges. The towel is a perfect 9″ by 9″ size and it has rounded corners that are trimmed with satin increasing durability and preventing a ton of extra fabric from flopping around as is the case with larger towels.

This is a different approach as compared to a traditional single sided microfiber towel that is typically used and in my opinion it is a much better way to go. I am extremely happy with these towels and how well they pair with Griot’s Garage Window Cleaner on all of my glass and mirrors. I don’t see myself using anything else after trying these. Needless to say I am a big fan.

Microfiber Wipe Down Towel:

So here is the deal the PFM towels from Griot’s Garage are awesome (as you will see me comment on as you keep reading) but there is one issue with them, they are too awesome. Here is what I mean, I love using them for the majority of the work on my cars but I just would hate to ruin them cleaning things like door jambs and other parts of my car that get extra dirty. It looks like I wasn’t the only one that thought this way as this is exactly why these towels were made. Here is a direct discretion from Griot’s website.

“It all started with Tim. He’s a customer who loves our Microfiber Dry Towels but doesn’t like getting them super dirty when he dries those tricky areas that stay grimy even after a good washing like wheels, doorsills, gutters, trunk and hood channels, doorjambs, etc. So we created a less expensive, smaller towel that Tim can use and keep his premium drying towels cleaner. This towel is a perfect size, 18″ x 24″, so it is easy to use and its super-absorbent, waffle weave patterned 290 GSM weight microfiber holds a ton of water. Washing machine safe.”

So like Tim I didn’t love using my PFM towels on some of these jobs and the Microfiber Wipe Down Towels fit the bill perfectly! They are super absorbent, a great size and most importantly a great price compared to the PFM counterparts allowing me to feel less guilty if I was to take one beyond the ability of washing and reusing.

PFM Detailing Towel:

This might just be my favorite towel of all time (might be a close tie with the PFM Terry Weave Drying Towel) as it just meets all of my needs and addresses all previous issues perfectly. Here is the deal, I love using quick detailers but the towel (and obviously detailer) that you choose to use can make or break the results. The towel choice can be bad for three reasons, towel size, towel absorbency and tendency to leave behind lint. I can confidently say that all three issues are addressed here. First this towel doesn’t leave any lint behind, ever, and second it is rated at 1120 GSM so you have no issues with absorbency. But my favorite thing of all is the towels size! It is 16″ by 9″ which is perfect for folding in half and having four sites to work with and because of the size you won’t have extra towel that crumples or catches causing your hand to slip off and to leave smudges everywhere. It literally is the perfect size for my hands to work with when folded in half, I honestly don’t get why more car towels don’t come in this size (all of my previous towels were 16″ by 16″ and it was just too much material to smoothly work with). If you decide to only give one towel a chance from this entire review I would say this would be one of two towels that I would say is an absolute must!

PFM Dual Weave Wax Removal Towel:

I’ll keep this part of the review fairly short for the sake of overall length and repetition but the PFM Dual Weave Wax Removal Towels are like all the other PFM towels on this list in the fact that they are like their name implies, Pure Freakin Magic. Think about all of the stuff you just read about the PFM Dual Weave Glass Towels and apply it to these but just instead of glass apply it to wax removal. Dual weave once again means two sides, meaning one side is an ultra soft 280 GSM for lightly buffing to perfection while the other is a heavy 450 GSM for initially clearing away the excess wax. These towels also come in a 9″ x 9″ size like the glass version which is perfect for its application. Another great towel from Griot’s Garage.

PFM Terry Weave Drying Towel:

I live in the PNW so getting your car wet is really common, I mean it rains all the time so it doesn’t take much time for it to happen. So with my car all waxed up (coming in a future part) all of the water that hits my car beads up perfectly and basically just sits on top of the wax which sits on top of my paint. Now if you recall I just spent a ton of time fixing some super nasty water spots that my car was plagued with after a sprinkler went rogue and I just don’t want to deal with that again so Im not taking any chances with letting water stand and dry on my car. So what does that mean, well it means I need to towel dry my entire car every time I come back in to my garage from taking a drive where I happened to have gotten rained on. Sounds a bit tedious I know but thankfully with the PFM Terry Weave Drying Towel from Griot’s Garage it really isn’t!

If you remember earlier I stated that the PFM Detailing Towels were my favorite Griot’s Garage Towel, well I also said they were most likely closely tied with this towel. Like I stated above if you were only going to try one towel from this review it would have to be either this towel or the detailing towels as both are so good and such a far improvement over what I have been using for years. This towel just makes it easy, I mean infomercial level of I can’t believe how well this works easy. I grabbed the towel on one corner with each hand and then just gently dragged it across my hood and that was it, my hood was dry. I didn’t need to wipe or scrub or go back and go over the same area multiple times, no just one gentle drag over an area and it is dry, this towel is super absorbent. Don’t hesitate on this one, just get it.

PFM Terry Weave Towel:

The PFM Terry Weave Towel to me is like a mini version of the Terry Weave Drying Towel (though it isn’t that small so maybe mini isn’t the right word). I say that in the sense that it seems to be as absorbent and feels roughly the same in build quality and softness. Overall this I would consider a multi use towel that can do many different things really well. At 1120 GSM it is really stout and has performed perfectly for me when it comes to cleaning glass, removing wax, using a quick detailer, a spray on car wash, basically anything that I have thrown at it. Really the only thing that keeps me from making this my favorite towel is the fact that I like the size of the detailing towels more but other than that this is one good towel. My primary use for this towel definitely has to be in conjunction with the Griot’s Garage Spray on Car Wash because of its absorbency and size. Again another PFM towel that you just can’t go wrong with.

Microfiber Plush Edgeless Towel:

I might be wrong here (maybe Ill check with the team over at Griot’s Garage) but I feel like their PFM line of towels is their best of the best, meaning that they have multiple versions of a towel that does one job but the PFM version is the highest version (think car trim level if you will) so if that is true (again I am not 100% on that) I am not sure how the Microfiber Plush Edgeless Towels are not a part of the PFM line. These towels are beyond awesome and super soft, I mean like super soft, so much so that I question if Griot’s Garage is missing a golden opportunity in selling blankets! Ok so to be fair a few of these towels do overlap in jobs and you can get away without having all of them (PFM Terry Weave, PFM Detailing and these Microfiber Plush Edgeless Towels) but I will say where these seem to have an advantage over others are in two places, the first is super sensitive areas as they are extremely soft and offer virtually no option for scratching or blemishing because of their softness and their lack of edges. Second the towels ability to seamlessly glide over emblems and other trim pieces that often snag with other towels that I have used in the past. So for me I save this towel for detailing, cleaning and waxing areas that are around emblems and trim pieces and for areas that are super sensitive (for example areas around stickers and things of that nature). Again, another super quality towel that you can’t go wrong with.

35oz Microfiber Cleaner:

The problem is that a great towel is great until you have used it and then afterwards it’s not so great as it is filed with dirt, wax and other fluids. Honestly I have tried to wash microfiber towels before (you know because I switched to them for reusability, the advantage over paper towels) but they always come out looking wrecked and not performing like they used to. Simply this happened because I was doing it wrong. I was using regular detergent and wasn’t in the know on proper microfiber towel care. For this reason Griot’s Garage offers a Microfiber and Foam Pad Cleaner that does a great job in revitalizing my towels and buffer pads after use and really digs in and removes waxes, chemicals and other things that I put my towels through. I have a a few towels that have already gone through three washes and I am still happy with how they look and perform. Simply put if you are going to invest in higher quality towels you need to invest in a proper cleaner too so that you are not wasting your money.

Overall I am beyond please and actually impressed with the performance of the towels that I decided to try. They were definitely a great decision as all of them exceeded the abilities, performance and results of what I was using before. The above is a setup that works for me, but it is by no means what you should get for yourself, different vehicles, jobs and people will have different needs so I suggest you do your own research and see what fits your needs (especially since Griot’s Garage offers so many more towels that I haven’t tested), but I think it is a good place to start and hopefully gets you thinking about upgrading your towel game. That is it for towels, see you in part 11 when I dive in to the Griot’s Garage Ceramic 3 in 1 wax.

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