Nissan Kicks Gets A Facelift, Seriously?


Ill start with the news piece first….The Nissan Kicks was introduced for the 2018 model year to replace the Nissan Juke (another car that I thought was pointless and didn’t need to exist). While it’s less expensive, the Kicks is less powerful than the car it replaces and the styling is more conservative. To improve the styling, Nissan is giving the Kicks a facelift, which has been teased by Nissan’s Thailand’s website ahead of its debut that is set for later today. The teaser photos confirm the Nissan Kicks facelift will feature a much larger chrome grille with chrome accents flanked by slimmer headlights and a new dual-tone front bumper. The taillights have also been updated with V-shaped LEDs. Also there is black plastic cladding around the wheel arches and along the door sills and a new body colored rear bumper. Moving on to the inside the new Kicks (I am trying to stay positive here but what a dumb name for a car) will be updated with a start/stop button, electric parking brake, and a redesigned gear lever. It is expected that the car will start at a very affordable $18,870 and will be powered by a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine that makes 122 hp and 144 lb-ft of torque that will go to the front wheels through a CVT (for crying out loud Nissan let it go, no one likes your CVT stop trying to force it on people).

I hope you appreciate how hard I tried to just stick to the news and talk about the vehicle changes but as you saw, I struggled, and here is why. First and foremost, Nissan is an absolute mess right now, most of their models are super old (see GTR, Z, Frontier and the list goes on and on) and this is mostly because of a lack of financial stability so the solution to this is to update a car that for one has no need to exist as it has a dumb name, is under powered, is too close in size and utility of the Rogue and most importantly is currently one of the newest models in their line up. I mean you updated a two year old model but didn’t touch models that are over 15 years old? That makes no sense! Also what is the point of updating a car that literally already looks outdated on the day of its release (literally today). I mean the design and plastic pieces scream early 2010’s Nissan and to add insult to injury Nissan had to stuff their horrible CVT in to this car too. There are somethings that are just not good and just don’t work like Nissan’s CVT transmissions but you feel like some corporate big shot’s kid made the decision and to not upset the big shot everyone is just going along with it even though they know its a terrible idea. But then again that is literally Nissan right now, one bad idea after another.

You may ask why as of late I have been so mean to Nissan? Well the truth is because I am a huge fan. I mean they are the company that brought us Godzilla, Silvias, so many good Datsuns, so many different Z models (including one of my all time soft spot cars, the 300ZX), the Frontier and the list goes on and on and on. So to see them doing what they are doing now is just painful. I hate to say it but at this point I’d rather watch Nissan go out of business and reflect on the great old times that were than watch the train wreck that is Nissan today. Anyway, back to the topic at hand….The car with the dumbest name in the world, the Nissan Kicks is being updated to look more or less the same and to be just as pointless and boring as before….Nice work Nissan.

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