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This story is starting to get a little old…you may have just seen Matt’s piece on how Nissan could screw up the new Z and how they most likely will, well it looks like they didn’t like his suggestions and simply said hold my beer as they attempted to make it even worse than he had predicted. That’s right, the latest rumors around the new Z are that the car might be in complete trouble, as in not at all happening. Here is the deal, this is the fourth or fifth article that we have now done on the new Z and that just goes to show how important and iconic the car is, it is a true enthusiasts car, and that is exactly what we are. Regardless of if everyone on our staff likes the Z, or would buy or modify one, we can all agree that there is a need for such a car and we want, better yet need Nissan to make one.

It was assumed that a replacement was a certainty, I mean the current car is super old, it is a car that Nissan is known for, there were a ton of prototype spy shots, there were statements from Nissan brass and Nissan even trademarked a new “Z” logo. All signs were pointing to yes, a new Z car is on the way! But, speaking of Nissan brass, when back in 2018 Nissan’s Senior VP of Global Design Alfonso Albaisa was asked about the car he said “The Z car, oh my god. Huge pressure… You can imagine I’m completely excited that I am in the position to work on that.” but most recently he was much more cautious on the subject and gave a very PC response in “we don’t comment on future product plans.” Why the change? Are we reading too far in to this or should we, the fans of awesome sports cars be concerned?

Photo Credit: Le Yang Bai

He went on to say: “I know what you want me to say right now: that a new Z is on its way,” Albaisa wrote. “I’ve read the rumors and half the time in published articles there’s a quote from me or my partner in crime, Head of Global Product Planning and Programs Ivan Espinosa. It’s all highly speculative and unconfirmed.” The Nissan design boss then proceeded to recount the story of what drew him to automotive design and, in particular, Nissan’s Fairlady Z, before recapitulating: “Let’s be honest, I think we all would love to see the Z continue… The classic proportions will never go out of style. So, stay tuned, as you may never know what you may see from Nissan in the future.”

Photo Credit: Le Yang Bai

Honestly at this point, I am not holding my breath and am going to lay this one to rest until some solid evidence surfaces showing that this thing is really happening. As much as I want to believe that it is with all of the signs we had initially as mentioned above such as the new logo, there is always the possibility of scrapping all of said work, especially if Nissan brass decides that such a car works against their efforts to cultivate a green, environmentally responsible image, or if it requires more capital than Nissan can justify. The sad truth is that sports cars are important to enthusiast, not the masses and the accountants. Fingers crossed on this one, but I’m at this point less and less confident that it will happen and would even dare say that I am less and less confident that Nissan will pull out of this as a company all together.

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