Griot’s Garage Part 8: Windows Advanced


Here we go, time for the advanced round! Yup that sprinkler was the gift that kept on giving (if you haven’t been with us since the beginning, my ND got hit by a rogue sprinkler and now has a nice collection of water spots) since I now have water sports all over my windshield. Obviously the treatment that worked on the CX-5 will not work on the ND so we have to bring out the big guns. Time to spend some more time with my favorite tool from Griot’s, the G9 Random Orbital Buffer, except this time instead of using it on paint I am going to attach some Griot’s Garage Glass Polishing Pads paired with their Fine Glass Polish and will let it run wild on the water spots that are plaguing my windshield.

Step one is to always tape over and protect any sensitive areas.
Next I went ahead and followed the same steps as I did on the CX-5.

Like with the CX-5 I started with the Window Cleaning spray, then followed up with the Glass Cleaning Clay to ensure that the window was clean, following that I used the Fine Glass Polish, the Glass Polishing Pads and the G9, you already know what comes next, amazing results. After a few quick passes the water spots were gone and my windshield looked as clean as it ever has. Honestly the G9 was just making things a little too easy. Once I finished the buffing it was time to clean the window with the Glass Cleaning Spray and the PFM Dual Weave Glass towels once again to get that perfect final shine in. Lastly I didn’t want to just leave it at a clean glass, I wanted to leave it at a sealed glass. I went ahead and tried out the Griot’s Garage Glass Sealant (super simple you just wipe it on and then buff it off) which creates a hydrophobic surface and helps water just fly off of your windshield. Trust me, living and driving in the Pacific North West I see my fair share of rain, and in a small and lowered car like the ND Miata, I have a ton of water thrown my way so having anything that helps get rid of the water I am willing to give it a try. Once again, I am happy that I did, the Griot’s Glass Sealant worked like magic and made it much easier on me while driving in the wet.

Treated vs Untreated

Honestly at this point I feel like these reviews are getting boring as I just keep saying yup, I love it, it works great, you should use it, but that’s just what it is, so far all of the Griot’s Garage products that I have utilized have been amazing. Join me next time as I dive in to some Griot’s Garage storage solutions.

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