2021 Toyota Supra Updates


It looks like for 2021 the Toyota Supra is getting a limited Horizon Blue paint in Japan and it is coming with more power! The new edition will officially be knowns as the Supra RS “Horizon Blue” Edition and it will come with several upgrades such as retuned suspension and added rigidity for better cornering. As you may have already heard the A91 Edition 2021 Supra will have more power than the 2020 model and things are no different here with the 3.0L B58 BMW motor now producing 382 Horses as opposed to the current 335, the car will also make 368 lbs ft of torque compared to the current models 365.

To be honest if I’m an early adopter of the Supra I may be a bit upset as the new car makes a considerable amount of extra power (I know this feeling as the year after I purchased my ND the ND2 came out with about 30 extra horses, which is a ton in Miata speak). Granted many of these issues can be mitigated by the aftermarket but still goest to show that you shouldn’t always rush out to buy the first or second model year of a car (plus there are typically bugs to work out early on too).

But anyway, back to the news, this limited edition will be limited to 100 units much like the limited Matte Storm Gray Metallic version that is limited to 27 units. Orders can now be placed for said cars, but deliveries wont start until October of this year. If you are a fan of the blue, the good news is that the color continues in to the interior as there are stitch accents on the seats, steering wheel and dashboard, and another bonus is the bigger 8.8 inch screen is now standard for the infotainment system. That is all the news on this one, if you want it you better place your order fast before they are all gone.

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