Kentucky Police Arrest GM Engineers


If you didn’t already know, street racing is bad! However, street racing at work is much worse! Apparently two GM engineers have been arrested by Kentucky State Troopers in Bowling Green, Kentucky for allegedly street racing pre-production 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvettes down a city street. The incident occurred last Wednesday, January 8th, and the two were cited for racing a motor vehicle on a public highway, reckless driving, and speeding 26 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. The last charge means a mandatory court hearing and a potential loss of license in Kentucky.

GM employees Alexander Thim, 27 and Mark Derkatz, 30, were temporarily in Bowling Green, home of the Corvette assembly plant, preparing America’s sports car for its retail launch. Apparently, sometime after after leaving the Cue Time Cocktails and Billiards bar in Bowling Green in a trio of Corvettes — Thim in a red one, Derkatz in a white one, an unnamed third GM engineer in a blue one — two of the three decided to hit a back road called Lovers Lane to enjoy the fruits of their labors. On a street with a 45-mph speed limit, Thim allegedly hopped in the left lane and got clocked by radar doing 120 mph, Derkatz took the right lane and got clocked at 100 mph. The third engineer, reportedly didn’t participate in the race and was not cited.

This incident seems absolutely insane! I mean did they think that no one was going to notice a trio of a red, a white and a blue C8 (a car that isn’t out yet and is basically as forbidden fruit as it gets for American cars right now) driving around town? The worst part, is that the cars ended up getting impounded by the police. GM representatives had to show up and retrieve the cars the following day. The automaker stated that “We are aware of an incident involving our test vehicles and are currently investigating. Safety remains our overriding priority at General Motors. We have no further comment at this time.” Yeah, it sounds like these two are in a world of trouble.

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