SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 14 – Supras


Last but not least I conclude this years SEMA show coverage with the Toyota Supra. Let me start of by saying that I have never seen a car dominate SEMA this much before, I mean seriously, this car was at every corner. It was honestly too much and almost became exhausting with how many Supras were at the show. But even with saying that I do have to say that there were so many amazingly built examples that had great attention to detail. Some of my favorites were the Yokohama Race Version, the Whiteline, the Greddy and honestly some of the stock examples in Toyota’s booth. The truth is, there were too many widebody examples that seemed too predictable, but for those that didn’t follow this formula, they definitely built some amazing cars. Anywho, all of this has, just as alway, only been my opinion, which could all just be nonsense anyway, so take a look at the photos and make up your own opinion on what builds you that were great. Enjoy.

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