SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 12 – Classics


As I warned everyone in the beginning of all of this, my categories are a bit random, here is an example, the “classics” category. The truth is, I didn’t feel like sorting through and categorizing a bunch of older cars so I just instead made this category be a catch all. I figure if you are in to older cars you will appreciate them all being in one place. With that said, I’m not a huge old car guy, especially old American muscle, but there were a ton of really well built cars with crazy attention to detail that I had to sit back and appreciate them. Enjoy the photos.

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Damir Pecenkovic is a passionate car enthusiast, photographer, race car driver, graphic designer, computer nerd, video editor and basketball player all rolled up in to one. Damir is currently the owner of and and is the founder and previous Editor in Chief of Performance Tuner Magazine. Damir currently drives the #19 Mazda MX-5 Miata for Circuit94 Racing. Damir loves to discuss cameras, computers and cars so jump in and join the conversation.

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