SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 11 – Nissan


How the mighty have fallen…if there is one company that has disappointed me the most not only at SEMA but just overall it is Nissan. Nissan used to be it, the tuner brand, I mean it was like the rear wheel drive version of Honda (lots of entry level priced sports cars that came with a ton of aftermarket support and supported a ton of cheap fun). But now, Nissan is plain old sad. The Nissan Frontier has been around since the dawn of time, the Nissan Z is not much younger and all of their sedans are just dated and well, crap at this point. Really Nissan has the redesigned Sentra and Titan At this point (neither of which I find that impressive) but everything else is old, including the once amazing GTR that now is simply aged compared to its competition (still an awesome car but its time for an update). Thankfully for Nissan they were still well represented as many third party companies utilized examples of their older excellence that no longer exists to demo their parts. Nissan owes these companies a great deal of thanks as their own booth was down right sad as they attempted to make the Nissan Kicks look cool. I mean first and foremost, what a lame car and what a lame name, and then they decided to make it the primary tuner display…not exactly sure what they were thinking. Anyway, enough ranting on my end, I genuinely hope that Nissan can turn it around and impress us in the 2020’s as their history has too many fun cars that I would love to see make a return. With all that said, enjoy the pictures.

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