SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 8 – Mitsubishi and Subaru


As stated before, some companies didn’t have enough cars to justify their own sections so I decided in those cases to put multiple brands together, and naturally placing Subaru and Mitsubishi together made sense. Well, it makes sense by yesteryears standards as Subaru and Mitsubishi used to battle super hard with their Imprezas and Lancers but the sad truth is that since then Mitsubishi is basically dead as all they make now are super lame crossovers and with the exception of the newer WRX, Subaru had been super quiet too. I mean a few years back the BRZ/86 were all the rage but already this year the car had all but disappeared from SEMA. So with that being said here are the few examples of both brands cars that I found interesting, probably the most notable was the Brian O’Conner replica eclipse. Hopefully the future holds some good things for both brands as their representation was rather sad this year.

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