SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 7 – Ford


I want to start off by saying that it doesn’t matter if you like or dislike Ford as a manufacturer, the fact is that you simply have to appreciate the amount of time, money and effort that Ford puts in to the SEMA show. Every year that I have made it out to the show Ford has had one of the biggest booths at the show, one that spans the entire width of Central Hall, on top of that they always have the Ford out front display which houses some really fun action driving as well as a bunch of mini Ford themed booths like RTR, Roush, Ford Racing and so on. Simply put, unlike many brands, Ford takes the show very seriously and ensures that it contributes every year, and for that I give them much respect. With that said, let’s dive in to some cars.

Ford always has a large truck presence and a large classic car presence, that I am leaving out of this section as this will mostly be Ford cars and performance (as I mentioned before Im not a big fan of the Brodozer Trucks). There were a ton of Mustangs at the show, there were those that were factory modified, modified by Ford specific tuning houses like RTR and Roush and naturally those that were modified by tuners. Regardless of what examples you were looking at there were some amazing cars to see. Also on display, which I really enjoyed seeing were examples of the new Shelby GT500 which is one amazing machine. Outside of the Mustang Ford also had some examples of their trucks and SUVs in their booth, most of which I found to be well done even if they weren’t my thing. Now that the general talk is over, let’s dive in to some of my favorites.

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