SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 6 – Trucks


I would not consider myself a truck guy by any means but I will say that I have found myself liking trucks more and more the older I get, so naturally as each year at SEMA takes place I find myself looking at more and more trucks (no not the brodozer ones just regular trucks). I also find myself specifically looking at older trucks, classics that have been restored and some that have been updated to be a modern version of an older truck. Now again, Im following a sorting or categorizing format that just feels right to me and doesn’t really make sense outside of that….so I have decided to put all of the trucks and 4X4s that I shot together in to one section (except for Jeeps they are with FCA). There are honestly a ton of vehicles in this category that I thought were simply beautiful and extremely well built but the vehicle that really grabbed my attention is the Suzuki Jimny, a car that we can not get here in the states, which is a complete bummer. This car just reminds me so much of a Jeep Wrangler for its good traits, but then just seems to be better and more put together than a Wrangler. There were two modified examples of the Suzuki and honestly I loved both of them.

Outside of the Suzuki’s I really enjoyed some of the custom builds inside of Ford’s booth and quite frankly all of the amazing classic builds. I never realized I had such a passion for classic Chevy trucks, but its hard not to with this many good looking trucks on display. With that said, enjoy the pics and leave a comment I would love to see which ones are your favorites.

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