SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 4 – Mazda, Mini, Tesla, Toyota and Volvo


Some of the brands just didn’t have enough representation to give them their own section, or even to share a section with another brand so I just lumped them together here. Now before anyone says anything, I know there were a ton of Toyotas at SEMA this year, but they were about 99% Supras and I gave the Supras their own section so in reality the rest of the Toyotas didn’t come out in big numbers. With that said, let’s dive in. In this section we have some Teslas, a Mini, two Volvos and a solid mixture of Mazdas and Toyotas.

Starting off with Mazda, I was very disappointed to see that they did not have a booth this year and quite honestly their representation was rather weak. I as an owner of the ND Miata feel that Mazda really didn’t do their do diligence in promoting and advertising the car, especially when it comes to shows such as SEMA and have not at all participated in demonstrating modified and built up versions (I mean for crying out lout I have seen Fiat do more with their rebranded Miata). I mean I get it, those who will track the Miata will do it regardless and on their own terms, but seriously the ND is a fantastic car and honestly I feel like it just didn’t get much attention, so much so that most after market companies haven’t even jumped in on creating parts. Needs proof? One modified ND at the entire show, while I saw more NCs, NBs and NAs….as the newest of the bunch the ND should not be the least represented. Then again, what should I expect from the company who has a fantastic 2.5L Turbo motor and refuses to use it to give us a Mazda Speed 3.

Looking at Toyota and Lexus there isn’t much to say, again, it was 99% Supras this year, but of what I did see, the Turn14 Distribution AE and the Toyota hatchback in the Exedy booth where the best of show for Toyota. Again not much to say here outside of those two so Ill dive in deeper when I cover the Supras.

Mini, Tesla and Volvo were just there because random shops chose random builds to feature in their booths or in most cases their own cars. Outside of that , really not much of a presence for these brands. This is a shame as I feel that Mini makes some amazingly fun cars and I think they should have a booth and show off some track ready specs, especially the upcoming Mini GP, who knows maybe next year?

Not much else for me to say here, enjoy the pics and maybe next year one of these brands will get their own section. Fingers crossed.

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