SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 3 – Volkswagen


For those that don’t know, Volkswagen is the owner of both Audi and Porsche so I decided to group all three car brand together under VW (yes they also own Lamborghini, but for whatever reason I decided to put Lambos in the Exotic section with Ferraris). So with that said let’s talk about what I saw and what I liked. I have a soft spot for the look of the Golf GTI and Golf R (I have a thing for Hatchbacks) and though I doubt I could ever own one thanks to all of the people that I know with unreliable Golfs (mostly electrical) and with the whole diesel gate thing I still have to say that I love the look of them. There were a couple of GTIs/Rs that really stuck out to me, especially the all green model in the H&R booth. Outside of VW there were not a ton of Audis that stuck out to me, a few models were there but noting that really grabbed my eye. From Audi I move on to Porsche, a brand that always has amazing cars on display (they never have their own booth, but there are always a ton of amazing Porsche builds). Honestly with Porsche I don’t even know where to start, I mean there were the two classic models in the Toyo Tread Pass that were just build to such amazing detail and perfection, or maybe all of the wonderful Porsche race cars in the Yokohama booth? Then I can’t forget about the wide body builds and the old school race cars, but, by far, my favorite Porsche on display had to be the Porsche wide body race car in the GOPRO booth.

Honestly if you are a VW, Audi or Porsche person there was plenty for you to see and enjoy, but my main complaint is why doesn’t a company like VW have a booth at the SEMA show? I mean there are so many people out there that work on and tune them why not represent a bit? Who knows, maybe next year?

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