SEMA 2019 Coverage Part 2 – Honda


As I mentioned in the SEMA coverage intro I am a Honda guy, and thus one of my favorite sections of the show was the Honda and Acura booth. I feel that Honda has finally gone back to its roots and once again has not only fun cars to drive but it also has reignited that old Honda spirit of a lot of performance and fun for not a lot of money. I mean just look at the 10th generation Civic line, it is a whole lot of fun, efficiency and reliability for not a whole lot of money.

Anyway lets dive back in to the show. By far my favorite car in the Honda booth and quite possibly the entire show was the Honda S800 Coupe “Outlaw”, this car just great! It was restored and maintained beautifully and just had a very unique and classic look to it. I really appreciated the level of detail to it and it was just super clean overall. Outside of that I also really enjoy that Honda brings a variety of cars to the show, from sports cars to family haulers and off roaders as well as some real classics from its past including motorcycles and engine displays. Another wild one was the Honda Civic Drift Car, something that you don’t normally see as well as the NSX GT3 race car.

Another great move by SEMA this year was to put Hondata Inc in a booth right next to Honda as they are one of the most popular Honda tuning brands around and it worked well to have 2 modified Civic Type R models in the Hondata booth that flowed perfectly from the modified Civic Si models in Hondas booth. If I am being nit picky for a second I do with that Honda would bring out a few more modified NSX models to the show and possibly even a modified Ruckus or two (or some other form of modified scooter/motorcycle that they sell, maybe put it in the back of a Ridgeline or something like that). But even with that small detail overall Honda brought it this year including a Acura Type S concept which to me is absolutely stunning.

Outside of Hondas booth there were plenty of other good looking Hondas to look at including a few professional race cars, a few modified tenth generation Civics, a few older hatches with modern swaps and a very unique Honda Prelude Ute conversion. All in all I was pleased with Hondas show display and really don’t have any complaints, now I just dream for the day when Honda shows up to the show in grand fashion like Ford does every year.

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