This year’s SEMA Show marks my sixth time attending the show in the last seven years and this year was just as exciting as the rest. First off lets get this out of the way, yes, there were a ton of Toyota GR Supras at the show, but hey what did you expect with it being the first SEMA Show since the cars release. Yes it was a bit annoying and almost overwhelming at the amount of Supras that were there, but I still enjoyed looking at some of the better built ones. Outside of the Supras SEMA was full of the usual, custom cars, new parts, demos, booths and automotive celebrities and drivers. This year I spent three days shooting anything and everything that I found interesting at the show and will now share it with you in a multi part/post recap of the show. This is not your typical coverage as I did not shoot the show with the intention of having the images published or for any one specific company to display or post, but rather solely based off of my own interest. This will become super evident once each post comes out and the way I have broken down each category becomes visible, basically in a nut shell it is partially by brand, partially by type of car and most importantly by my level of interest. Case in point, giant, overly lifted and chromed out trucks are really not my thing, hence why there are not going to be a ton of photos of them. Hondas, definitely my thing, so, I basically shot every single one that I saw at the show. Again, it is the show through my eyes, hopefully you enjoy it. Lets dive in with part 1, yup you guessed it, Hondas!

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