Mazda 6 Wagon: The One That We Can’t Have


Mazda recently refreshed their flagship sedan by releasing the 2018 version of the Mazda6 and with it they showed off a refreshed Mazda6 Wagon variant for some of the over seas markets.  I am not 100% sure on the options available on the Wagon variant as the European and Japanese markets often use different powertrains than we do here in the states, but if I could wish for one it would be a Mazda6 wagon with Mazdas 2.5L turbocharged 4 cylinder motor under the hood matched up to a six speed manual.  Granted, it currently only comes equipped with an automatic transmission but since I am wishing here anyway I would love one with a manual transmission.  But unfortunately wishing is all that I will be doing as Mazda has so far shown no intention on selling the car here.  The last time that Mazda sold a Mazda6 wagon was the first generation Mazda6 that was discontinued in 2008, granted they have offered one for years in other markets but not in the states.

Not quite sure why Mazda doesn’t offer one here in the states, the common argument and reasoning, and it could very well be true is that the American market dislikes wagons and is head over heals in love with crossovers, such as one of Mazdas best selling cars, the CX-5 and its smaller sibling the CX-3.  As much as this makes sense from a business standpoint, as an automotive enthusiast I can’t help but dream of a manual, turbo 4, Mazda6 wagon that would work great for those of us with kids and that can not daily drive a Miata, but still want to have fun.  Seriously think of the dual purpose fun.  You could use the wagon to pick up the kids, do weekend runs to Home Depot, grocery runs and so on but still have a car that with and exhaust, intake, tune, wheels, tires and lowering springs could easily be in the 300 ponies range and handle quite well providing an exciting and enjoyable drive.  Again, I can only dream.

I will keep you updated as more news develops, but I am not holding my breath that Mazda of North America will green light this awesome wagon for United States production.  This is one of those times that I would love to be wrong, but again, no breath holding.


I have seen even more pictures of this magnificent unicorn and this car is just stunning!  Mazda is working hard on moving up stream and becoming more upscale and honestly I think the Mazda 6 wagon is really helping their case as to me (and to a few other review websites that I have seen) looks better than the Mercedes or BMW counterparts. 

All of the details are being updated on the overseas offerings and more and more photos are coming out that has me and honestly many other automotive journalists (just google 2019 Mazda6 Wagon and you will see what I mean) drooling but unfortunately Mazda just isn’t budging on offering this car in the United States.  This is a real shame, hopefully Mazda will end up changing their mind.

Hopefully more updates to come.

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