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Damir’s Mazda MX-5 Miata is a great car from the factory, but we all knew that it would not stay stock for a long period of time as each member of our Circuit94 team has a history of modifying everything with wheels and even a few things without. With that said, let’s get Damir’s opinion on some of the work that was recently performed the the Miata.

“Now that I have had the Miata for about two thousand miles I have gotten to know the car really well and I have to say that I absolutely love it, it was definitely the right choice. I really have to nit pick to find things about the car that I don’t like, well, for the most part that is. The one thing about the car that I really cant stand is the epic amount of body roll that the car has in stock form. Lucky for me, CorkSport has addressed that issue with a great set of anti sway bars for the ND Miata. One of the things that makes their kit different is that they sell an optional end link set and also their kit comes with beefier brackets (the global cup cars have reported that they are starting to snap the weak factory brackets). After seeing their kit I knew that it was a great idea for my ND, and even better, CorkSports headquarters are located only a 3 hour drive away, completely worth the trip. The truth is that I could tell that I would have a great relationship with the CorkSport team and that I would have quire a few of their parts on my ND so I got in the car and headed down.

The thing is, the ND Miata looks great, drives great, feels great, I mean the car is just awesome, but, the sound it makes is just a bit too quiet for my tastes, especially for a car that looks as good as this one does. I wanted to add an exhaust to the car to fix this issue, however I did not want to do your typical, canon looking, loud tuner exhaust. After all, I felt like this car has some elegance to it, and I just didn’t feel that a Honda Civic style exhaust would do it justice (I can say this since my last car was a Civic and I have nothing against them). After doing some research I found the perfect answer. Right off the bat, the thing I really liked about the CorkSport exhaust for the ND Miata was the fact that the car had a dual tip setup and that it didn’t utilize the traditional large canon style muffler. It, in my opinion, complemented the elegance of the car and made it louder and more aggressive, without falling in to the boy racer category that I had been trying to leave behind since I had let go of my Honda Civic. The exhaust looks beautiful but more importantly sounds amazing. The exhaust gave the car a more aggressive sound but without being too loud and without having any drone while cruising around town. The true test was when I brought my car home after the install and my wife (who has judged crappy sounding exhausts in the past) stated that the new exhaust just fit the car and gave it that mean sound that it deserved with the way that it looked, and more importantly she commented on the fact that if I wasn’t on the throttle that the car was quite enough for the two of us to still have a conversation.

While I was at CorkSport having my exhaust and suspension parts installed I had a conversation with Vinny (from CorkSport) about just how much I liked the feel of the stock shifter in the ND Miata, little did I know that this simple comment would lead to a new part and this post. As soon as I finished making this comment, Vinny smiled and told me to go check out the shifter in CorkSports Launch Edition ND shop car. I thought to myself that the stock shifter was pretty great so I assumed that an aftermarket kit wasn’t going to do much to it, so I was a bit skeptical to say the least. I sat down in the CorkSport car and put my hand on the shifter, immediately the shifter itself felt a tad taller. Next, I started rowing through the gears and my goodness, I was amazed at the feel of the shifter. Vinny had used the word “mechanical” to explain to me how CorkSports after market short shifter was supposed to feel, and it is just that, mechanical. I was simply amazed as to how good the shifting felt, it felt shorter, more precise and well mechanical, there just isn’t a better word to describe it In a world full of electronic gimmicks where manual and mechanical are a quickly fading thing of the past where every input and output started to feel numb, it was amazing to have that mechanical feeling again. I had the opportunity to drive the car all the way home to the Seattle area (roughly a 3 hour drive) plus a good two to three months since the install and as much as I loved the feeling of the stock shifter, I am not sure that I could go back to it. The CorkSport short shifter kit is simply amazing. I was now enjoying the car that much more (something that I didn’t think was possible). At this point I have to give a huge shout out to Vinny and the rest of the team at CorkSport for making an amazing product and for all of their help in getting my Miata to the next level.  After having basically the entire CorkSport ND Miata Catalog installed on my car I decided to complete the package with the CorkSport Cold Air Intake, a simply beautiful looking and functional piece. The intake added additional “good noise” to the car and also allowed the engine go get colder air, another great part made by CorkSport, definitely happy with it.  Awesome parts all around that I cant recommend enough.  If you have a Mazda, go to CorkSport, it’s that simple.”

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