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The Circuit94 team, with the exception of a few guilty pleasures, believes in and likes only putting parts on their cars that actually serve a real purpose and are functional. So with that being said, when it was time for Damir Pecenkovic to add aero components to his #19 Mazda MX-5 Miata he wanted to make sure that the parts would be functional and that they would have some actual data behind them backing up the claims that they were actually going to help with lap times. After spending a few months looking around at parts Damir came across a company called Verus Engineering and a bunch of parts later, the rest was history. Ok, before we jump too far ahead what Damir discovered about Verus Engineering aside from their excellent customer service was the fact that they used numerous technologies to actually test the parts that they make and that they specifically designed functional parts for the ND Miata. After looking through their catalog Damir decided to go with their rear diffuser, under body panels, front splitter and rear suspension covers. It would end up being quite the aero undertaking and a huge transformation for the #19 car.

Fast forward a few weeks and the Verus Engineering parts have been installed and tested and here are the results, simply put, functional, oh and great looking too. Here is the deal the parts look amazing, the front splitter and rear diffuser add a certain level of “race car” to the ND and we love how it looks, but lets face it all the looks mean nothing without the function. Many companies make parts that look great but don’t actually do anything, not the case here, after installing the Verus Engineering parts there was a real difference felt with the ND, both in daily street driving and in track driving. On the street we felt more stability on the freeway and any time we took the car above about 50 mph, also on top of the stability we noticed on average a 2.3 MPG gain in mixed city street and highway driving. Even more MPG gains were seen on our longer freeway only trips. Outside of the daily driving we had a chance to take the car on the track for our initial testing session post install and managed to shave an insane nineteen seconds off of the cars previous best time. Now granted we know that the aero alone didn’t do this, we did add other parts to the car, but it definitely helped a ton. The car felt so much more stable from turn to turn, especially in the high speed turns and the long straight allowing better driver confidence in grip resulting in taking corners at higher speeds.

Since installing the complete Verus aero kit and the initial track testing session mentioned above, we had the chance to take the #19 Mazda Miata out to a total of eighteen more track days, a mixture or autocross and full road course events, and we can not say enough good things about this setup.  First and foremost the car feels more stable at high speeds and on sections of tracks that change elevation in a way that causes cars to lift off of the ground.  This is simply not a problem with this setup as the car just sucks to the ground and sticks.  We managed to shave time off of all of the cars previous bests since installing the Verus aero bits and continue to find more and more grip from the car allowing for better and better track times.  Again, can not say enough good things about this setup.

Another bonus to the Verus Engineering front splitter, granted not one that was probably thought of when this part was designed, but a useful one none the less, is the splitters ability to keep cones from hitting the front of the car.  We all know you want to avoid cones when participating in autocross events, but hey, sometimes it happens, you make a mistake and hit one.  Typically when that happens you end up with some marks on your front bumper, and if you are particularly unlucky some scratches or even missing paint.  This problem is completely solved by the front splitter as it just bumps the cone out of the way and keeps it from hitting the bumper while taking no damage of it’s own, again, not what its meant for, but works great none the less.

There is a clear before and after difference in feel and performance. Don’t want to take our word for it? How about some science. The Flat Underbody Panels create reduced drag and reduce the CD by 10 points. The rear diffuser properly channels exit air forces and also reduces drag. The front splitter helps partner with the rear diffuser in reducing lift and front end grip while having a minimal drag penalty. Lastly the rear suspension covers feed the rear diffuser clean air to further reduce drag and reduce rear end lift. More details can be found on Verus Engineerings website including details on their process utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA), thermodynamics, heat transfer, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Again, in simple terms, parts that actually work. We couldn’t be happier with the results and can’t wait to put more miles on our ND that now features full Verus Engineering aero. If you want proper aero parts for your car be sure to check out Verus Engineering, they make parts for many different track worthy cars, you wont regret it.

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