Veloster Turbo: Four Tire Track Test



The first event these tires were put through was an autocross event on the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Challenge course at Pikes Peak International Raceway, the course was wild fun and high-speed, but short, with times posting in the low 40 second range. The tires never had a chance to warm up to temp in those times, but admittedly did better than my driving allowed for keeping me gripping through the tight corners.  In the next test I ran the tires at my favorite road course High Plains Raceway for a whole day of 30 minute sessions, blasting my previous personal best by six seconds.  The tires performed exceptionally well when warmed up for long stretches of high performance driving, holding speed through corners with little loss of traction, allowing for better lap times and less work from behind the wheel. To say the least they were sticky and held heat up better between sessions than during long periods of staging in autocross. I found myself enjoying the experience much more as I was able to run the track at higher speeds which made me feel more competitive in a slower car. 

Now to the negative side of things, soon after my track event I noticed a large split across the face of the driver side tire indicating delamination, I checked the other three tires and they too had small splits starting on the tread face. Three events; that was all it took for this tire of low quality to become useless. I was very let down, the tires came with good recommendation from fellow drivers and trusted friends. Needless to say I will never have a set of RS-RR 595s again. 


This tire was sticky, grippy, it was track glue. It heated up fast, it remained hot and wore evenly. It rolled when it needed to and had a strong side wall the rest of the time. I loved this tire. It communicated information well and was easy to control at speed.  A friend suggested checking my pressure, and that was when it dawned on me, I hadn’t adjusted anything. Rear pressure was at 42 PSI(hot) and fronts around 38 PSI(hot). I dropped them to front 30 PSI and 35 PSI rear. I went out again and set a personal best lap smashing my previous by six seconds!  This tire definitely needs attention when tracking, watch your pressure and temps before and after and adjust accordingly.  Give these a shot. They are hands down one of the best 200 treadwear tires on the market. 

ZESTINO Gredge 07RS:  

I can’t really spend a lot of time on this tire, as it was hands down the worst tire I have ever tried on a track, and all I have to say is negative. They came recommended from our previous trip to SEMA Show with Performance Tuner Magazine, we met these guys in the tire hall and all they could talk about was how amazing these tires were. They were good salesmen. We were given a substantial discount through their driver program and I was able to get into a set for less than what I had paid for the Federals. The lesson here is, fork over big money for tires, IT IS ALWAYS WORTH IT. 

Hankook Ventus RS4:  

My biggest complaint is they don’t warm up quickly, but if you are looking for something that holds heat well lap after lap, you will not be disappointed.  I had an opportunity to take them to High Plains Raceway and give them a proper go on a 2.7 mile road course.  When properly warmed up the RS4 were just as sticky as the RE71R, if not stickier. The rubber really loved heat, the more I drove to the limit the better they gripped.  They communicated very well with me, like a direct line to the asphalt. I felt confident in their ability to take corners faster and faster, posting times in sections of the track I had not seen before from my car. I really enjoyed driving on these tires and will continue to use them next season. I would say you can’t go wrong with these at all, especially if you live in warmed climates.

the authorh.pecenkovic
Hamza Pecenkovic is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, an avid car and track enthusiast, and comics creator. His automotive design clients include KDM Tuners and K Series Parts, and he has a number of writer’s credits with Performance Tuner Magazine while fulfilling the role of an Editorial Writer. Hamza is currently finishing one of the most unique Veloster Turbo track builds on the planet. He spends his time working on his graphic novel series “The Crystal Compass”; which spans across three gigantic volumes, he plans to release volume one next year. He enjoys telling stories with his work, video games, films and reading.

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